All about creativity

Today creativity is a gift and not a skill…

Future may change this (or shall change this!)…

As all gifts, creativity needs the freedom of open minds to settle down and grow!

My personal opinion is that AI, digitization and all the same can do a huge deal … excepting to be creative in the very pure meaning of creativity…

But what does mean the very pure meaning of creativity?

I remember a scene from the National Geographic movie about Einstein when Niels Bohr (a young university lecturer at that time) runs after the Professor (what was his name?) saying:

“Professor, this Einstein published the 3rd amazing paper in one year!”. 

Professor stops take the papers (just few!)  and turns the paper folder upside down, directly to the last page:

“What arrogant this Einstein… has no references”… but Bohr said:

“Yes Professor, there are no references… because nobody thought about this until now…”… 

This 3rd paper in a year was the first paper on the theory of relativity.

For me this is the very pure meaning of creativity.    


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Text by Marius Popa

Pictures by Marius Popa… however:

The picture is a photo of a “graffiti” work part of Aberdeen Donside Project.

This work may be temporary so hurry up you would like to see it live…