“The daily three questions of the maritime specialist”

This is a retirement letter, a great one.

 It is also a nice piece of literature and professional wisdom what I would like to share with you as our first step to the future.
The third questions mentioned in this letter should asked by any maritime responsible specialist before closing the day.

I trust that you would enjoy the text as much as I did. 


 Ladies and Gentlemen,
After having spent 56.7% of my living days working in maritime survey I've come to the point where I shall put my feet up and relax. (Maybe shovel coal and play engineer on the old steamer I'm part owner of)…
I can say that over the years the job has poured everything in my way, Interesting, Boring, Hectic, Tedious, Easy and Hard Work.. However, I can say that I've enjoyed it tremendously and think I've been lucky to do what I've done, I've always wanted to work with ships from the day I started as apprentice in the old shipyard in Elsinore Denmark and until today.
Most of the cases have been straight forward and have never caused any headaches, however, the odd ones have and I have a few times had to take a breath and ask myself the 3 questions given to me by an old colleague on a nice autumn day in Japan waiting on the dockside for an old bulker in 1975 which were.
- Would I sail in the vessel
- Could I face his lordship in the Court when asking if I in my professional pinioning considered this satisfactory
- Could I face St Peter when I had to sign the big book since it would not help to say, 'I hoped they could swim'
Thus to my knowledge everybody I met on the boats have all come home, even if the odd vessel did not.
I will convey my thanks to your all for the years, but most of all to my old crewmates.



All my respect and consideration for the author and great maritime professional!

I trust that he is enjoying his retirement!