About the state of the technical magazines

Or Welcome to the Halloween Circus!


Not so long time ago, a very critical paper about the actual format of the maritime conferences (*) got a huge approval in the maritime community.

However, the phenomenon of technical meaningless events, practically sales saloons, is not singular today.

Same it is the case with the technical magazines publishing almost on each page a commercial advertising and when not publishing a direct advertising, printing more indirect advertising, dressed in the almost transparent veils of valuable technical opinions. 

It is extremely difficult to find a proper professional technical opinion or value judgement on all these shinny pages. 

In the vast majority of the situations, the posts sound like the beats on the chest and roars of primates' males (chimpanzees, gorillas). 

Everybody proclaims supremacy for its own products and services, everybody want to impress a partner unfolding colourful feathers… 

From where I stay, all these very loud declarations of supremacy and territoriality sound equally loud and empty. 


However, this landscape is not a jungle but it is Circus...

As you can see, the bloody Clown invites us inside and after we pass through the menagerie of all the amazing and very advantageous offers of products and services, we can sell our soul to a werewolf and become werewolves ourselves. 

Sometime ago I renounced to read these magazines


Sometime ago I renounced to search for good technical information and discussions in these magazines… but I have to say that I miss it, I miss the thrill and adrenaline of a good technical discussion with fellow professionals.