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What is the Aberdeen Shipbuilding page


This internet page is created and maintained by my colleague Stan Bruce and it is the result of Stan’s passion for ships and Aberdeen area (I’m not sure what it is the right order…).

The e-books on this page are amazing books wrote with passion and dedication.

These books could be described as pieces of maritime history but sometime could be more as for example one of the latest of Stan’s best “RIFLEMAN, 3-Masted Sailing Ship, built in Aberdeen, 1860, Murder on board”.

Why Aberdeen Shipbuilding page



…because we need memories and history and in special maritime history.

The maritime history told by Stan on this page is about something larger than the history of shipbuilding in Aberdeen.

These books are about brave and entrepreneurial people, living in the tough but charming landscape of Scotland, dreaming to something more than their yellow barley filed ending abruptly into the North Sea.

The stories span from wood tall ships to concrete barges… I’m just curious when Stan will start writing about the modern history of the place fully connected with oil and gas offshore production…

I’m quite curious to see this history through the eyes of such a man as Stan what it is not only a great story teller but a great professional engineer and surveyor as well. I have to admit that I can’t wait for this moment!

Futureoftheocean trusts that Stan will continue his great work on this page and eventually, at a certain time, he will get support from young professional willing to participate at and continue his dream!


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RIFLEMAN, 3-Masted Sailing Ship, built in Aberdeen, 1860, Murder on board”: