Two principles and a question about future

Future comes and just now looks disruptive.

The next ten years will be critical for world as we know it.

Ok – all of us know all these so what could be said excepting ringing alarm bells, sending warning signals and flashing red lights?

To be honest I think that it is still room for two principles and one question.



“Reality is the only place where you can buy a good meal”

This is the first principle and it is about us as beings of flesh and blood. 

It comes from “Ready player one”, the movie.

I fear for those spending more time in virtual worlds than in reality. I fear for our kids playing computer games almost exclusively and forgetting how it is to run on field or to swim on a river. I fear for those walking on a virtual bridge how many times would take to pass on the next level and forgetting that on a real bridge they will have maybe just only one try… 

However I can’t blame these people. Virtual and digitisation is omnipresent now.

I hear plenty of discussions about digitisation and every time I ask same question: how would make better all this trouble the close reality? What will we get better?

Ok – many things – and in special this will bring us – humans – more time… and more time brings me to the question.


“What will you do with your time if machines will do work for you?”

Finally this is all about.

 Why should a worker on the production line tight screws all day long when a machine without soul can do this infinitely better? Why should all that girls plugging wires and answering long-distance calls forever when computers can do this infinite better? … and not only, many other stuff could be sorted out faster and even faster by machines and we will get time… a lot of time and as by-product a lot of stuff produced faster.

Is this the real welfare society what was dreamed by all positive great minds?

Is this the world of heroes and titans conquering ocean abysses and stars and raising art and soul on unimaginable heights? 

Please don’t be afraid about the boredom of having too much time for heroic enterprise and art martyrdom because this reminds me about the second principle what comes from “Jack Glass” a SciFi novel by Adam Robers. Put on an algorithmic format this principle is written:


“If (People are cheaper than Machines): People will work; Else: Machines will work.”


What does mean for all of us? Let’s not worry too much – the good old economy will take care that every time it will be something to be done by humans.