Future of the ocean

Seas and oceans are nearby us every time. Seas and oceans are here for us all time.

 We love them and we are thrilled by each date we have with seas and oceans.

We are afraid of them and we are terrified by each date we have with seas and oceans. 

Seas and oceans are beautiful but untamed harsh mistresses.


Seas and oceans separate us and connected us as soon we’ve been brave enough to sail them.

Sail them, scratch them travelling and transporting cargoes but never settling on seas and oceans. 

What will be the future of our relation with seas and oceans?

Will we tame seas and oceans? Probably not because this will destroy all the charm and mystery.

Will we learn how to live in harmony with seas and oceans? 

I don’t know… but this is the best possible outcome of our relation with seas and oceans.

Land looks overcrowded, seas are dangerous but free.

The same was the wild wide west two hundred years ago but this never stopped the settlers to colonize it and to master its freedom. The only drives of settlers were the infinite opportunities and the desire for freedom.

The history repeats and the offshore oil and gas endeavour of the second half of 20th century did precisely what the Gold Rush did for California, opened the gates and mapped a new territory ready to be colonized. Both provided drives for development.

However our days nobody talk about California in terms of gold nuggets but in terms of one of the top economies of the world and source of high technology, culture and entertainment, all at superlative.

If history repeats soon we will talk far more diversified about seas and oceans, definitively in terms and energy, food, mineral resources, space launching platforms, space for detention, leisure or simple living. 


The future of seas and oceans has challenges as well, challenges as various types of pollution, temperature increase, acidification, overfishing, destruction of natural ecosystems, invasive species, piracy and God (or humans) known how many others.

We like to work in seas and oceans, we would like to live in seas and oceans but who would like working in a dumpster?

Our future is tight connected to the future of seas and oceans in so many ways that we must learn to live in harmony with seas and oceans. 

Let’s work together this.