Futureoftheocean prizes Nemo's Garden

What is Nemo’s Garden


Nemo’s Garden is an amazing simple idea taking the greenhouse concept to a new level – from green and brown to green, brown and blue. 

This solution has the potential to be a breakthrough for the actual food chain and for the future self-sufficiency of seaborne communities. 

Why Nemo’s Garden


The subsea greenhouse uses now the ocean and sea temperature inertia characteristic to maintain a constant climate for longer period of times (and save energy). 

Moreover this concept cuts short the need of water transport.

The big question now is where Nemo’s Garden makes sense just now:

Just now this solution makes sense in benign coastal areas where on land could be too harsh climate – high temperatures, significant changes of environmental conditions, draught, etc.

Futureoftheocean trusts that Nemo’s Garden has a huge potential for all seas and oceans.