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The intention of this page is to help people finding jobs. 

This page is nothing complicate but just a simple list of people having the availability.

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I need a job


Williard Delos Reyes Antonio, Boat builder, Painter or Fiberglass Laminator


I am interested in the position of boat builder, painter or fiberglass laminator, 

I have a special interest in painting/coating of boats and ships.

I am very skilled in all phases of the painting/coating starting from the estimation on the base of specifications of the required quantities of materials and tools, through the cleaning and preparation of surfaces using different method such as sand blasting, scrapping, sanding, hydro-blast, preparation and application of primer and top coat as per specifications and procedures, using rollers, brushes or spray tools. 

I understand the importance of following the steps and the timings in the specifications and procedures and I have good time management skills.


Phone : +971 54 519 9750

Gorovyy Mykola, Electrical Engineer

I am interested in ETO or El.Engineer position on board of a ship or rig.

I  began my marine life as a cadet on a training ship, and also began my career as a minder in a large six-month practice at sea in 1980. I worked on dredgers, also worked on a large dredging crane in the Arctic. I have experience with electrical engineering on multi-purpose cargo ships in the Arctic, as well as experience in tugboats and passenger ships. Ships, bulk, general cargo, offshore and others. He worked in ship repair in a dry dock, and in shipyards, I have experience in repair and maintenance of yachts. I have experience in teams of different nationalities. My English is enough for work, English is enough for shipyards and dry docks, I can easily communicate with inspectors ... because I am not afraid for myself and work. I am Ukrainian, but many times I worked alone in foreign teams. The record for such work is 8 months and 23 days - 21 Filipinos and I. Working ETO for servicing ships where there is no ETO, it is not a problem for me to establish the causes of defective electrical equipment, repair it or order the necessary spare parts for repair. I also serviced a number of new vessels covered by the warranty, there were no problems with the registration of warranty claims. I have been to China many times ... when accepting new ships and in dry docks where old ones were being repaired ... I have no problems managing a large number of employees ... I have experience managing up to 63 people. I have experience with a large fleet and offshore types. I served small vessels and large ones. I worked in the technical fleet, on timber carriers on passenger ships in the Arctic. I am interested in working at sea. I worked in teams of different nationalities and with different people of different religions ... no problem. I was lucky to work on a ship that is 50 years old and on new ships ... I was at a DP 2 reception in 2014.  

I have experience of various types of vessels like Passengers, Bulkcarriers, Containerships, OSV (AHTS/cable layer/DSV), Research/Survey Vessel.

On top of the regular professional competences requested for as electrical engineer and for sailing, I am also certified as operators of pleasure craft, maintenance of DP System 

Please don’t hesitate to contacting me on:;  or 

Phone +38(067)585-18-36

LinkedIn profile: 

TRIGUI Badis, Technicien en electromecanique navale Naval electromechanic

Technicien en electromecanique navale 

Naval electromechanic   

I’m TRIGUI Badis ,22 years , I have just finished my studies of naval electro-mechanics at the Higher Institute of Technological Studies of Kelebia, Tunisia. In active job search, I want to find a job as a naval electro-mechanic.

Despite my limited experience, I was able to accomplish internships as my final project studies in the "Rassas Construction". Indeed, I had the opportunity to work in a shipyard of the composite construction, and also participate in the tasks of engineering such as the design and study of the plans, which enabled me to work in the studied areas during my training and to reaffirm my desire to develop my skills in this sector that is of huge interest and very challenging.

My internship experience involved two important companies in this sector which are the "Company  of Industrial and naval construction " and "the Tunisian company of navigation" during which I gained a concrete view of the profession.

Besides, thanks to my experience during the summer holidays as seasonal in the "ATLAS AUTO" I could see the importance of teamwork and the need to learn more and gain further professional skills. These very rewarding experiences have allowed me to acquire a sharp methodology and some versatility.

I can provide CV or more details on request.

If you could kindly consider my application for job opportunities in your organization, I would be highly obliged.

Tél / phone: 00216 44130018

Email :

LinkedIn profile:

Ashwin Balasubramanian

I'm Ashwin Balasubramanian studying 4th year B.Tech Mechanical Engineering at Karunya Institute of Technology and Sciences, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India. 

I'm looking forward for an opportunity to carry out my final year project at your esteemed organization. 

I can provide my resume for your reference. 

Kindly check and let me know the same. 

If you could kindly consider my application for job opportunities in your organization, I would be highly obliged.

Mobile:  +91-9489909405 


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