“I need a job” - Why this page?


The intention of this page is to help people finding jobs. 

This page is nothing complicate but just a simple list of people having the availability.

If you like to be on this page please write at:

This page will be published periodically (the intension is weekly) on LinkedIn groups “Maritime Group” and “Shipbuilding Industry and Professional” and on XING “Maritime Group”.

Futureoftheocean initiative trusts that every little helps so maybe this page will help as well.

I need a job


Ashwin Balasubramanian

  I'm Ashwin Balasubramanian studying 4th year B.Tech Mechanical Engineering at Karunya Institute of Technology and Sciences, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India. 

I'm looking forward for an opportunity to carry out my final year project at your esteemed organization. 

I can provide my resume for your reference. 

Kindly check and let me know the same. 

If you could kindly consider my application for job opportunities in your organization, I would be highly obliged.

Mobile:  +91-9489909405 


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