People's voices: Can we live without oceans?


Will be possible to live without oceans? Or not exactly with vast amount of land dry to dead but with other oceans than what we know now… a mix of awful dirt and toxic waste. In simple words, without today ocean would be the life on Earth what do we know today?

As of today, about 15 percent of the global population makes its livelihood from the sea. 

A simple example: as fishermen endeavor to supply the demand for seafood, they take too many fish, particularly the more popular species. Today, an estimated 29 percent of the world’s fish stocks are overexploited, while another 61 percent cannot support expanded harvest and require effective management to avoid decline. Some stocks of tuna, swordfish, halibut, cod, and flounder populations have been devastated by overfishing. 


I do agree that the fish and sea food are delicious and nowadays more people are “switching” from animal meat to fish and other goodies which the oceans are offering, but how long will it be possible without a proper management as well as care?!

On top of overfishing I read articles related to sea pollution: metal scrap, plastic, paints, solvents, oil and the list can continue…. Water washes all our dirt and pours directly in ocean. 

Ocean becomes our big sink and sewage and we want continuing eating from there.  

It is more than this. Ocean is proven to produce 50 to 70 percent of our oxygen; ocean helps to regulate our climate, absorbs carbon dioxide and supports the abundance of life on our planet. 


Will be possible to live without oceans? Let’s be honest and give the answer – no, our life as it is now it won’t be possible without the ocean as it was until now!

So what are we doing to protect ocean? There’s any plan? There’s a common support for reducing the pollution? 

Words and commitments aren’t enough as we need actions, immediate actions as we, the humans, are damaging the environment at an unimaginable pace. 

We are the first ones to take actions and to stop the irreversible chance of ocean.

We can’t expect actions only from governments or industry - our individual daily actions matter a lot and in many ways!

We can start by reducing water pollution at home, being more mindful of plastic consumption as well disposing or organizing a cleanup of our local waterway. Apparent very simple actions, in reality it is so difficult to go out from the daily routine and start be mindful… but it is possible with a minimum effort!


Every little helps!

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Text by Octavian Frîncu

Pictures by Octavian Frîncu (“Fish plate”) and Marius Popa

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Octavian is engineer, specialized in QA/QC with involvements in shipbuilding/ship repair, Nuclear and Oil & Gas (on-shore/off-shore) industries. 

Octavian has a Master Degree in Micromechanical systems and a PhD in Welding.

He worked with Germanischer Lloyd, SGS and Intertek for top Clients within Europe for 4 years and last 8 years in the Middle East.

Since last year Octavian is the General Manager for Intertek's Industry Services in Oman. 

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